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Project 3 - Buzz Scanner - Done(ish)

Buzz Scanner

What does Buzz Scanner do?

Buzz Scaner monitors 20 of the biggest brands (10 Tech, 10 Automotive) on Twitter and tracks their sentiment over time. 1 Hour and 24 Hour time frames are available.

It is a personally satisfying proof of concept that I wanted to build. I've played with the idea of Brand Monitoring for over a year and finally wanted to just build something in the space. A first step.

There is no monetization right now. But there are a few options if I decided to take it further in the future like creating a SaaS platform like all the rest. I think there is some consumer potential as well if you are monitoring content. Finding the *right* information is so valuable.

The problem is building something universal to sell. I like a more realistic approach would be to say, this is a starting point, what does your specific company need in order to help it achieve its goals? Consulting and coming up with custom tailored solution off this type of technology.

Bugs: There is something wrong with the negative sentiment being identified in my sentiment analysis. I am not sure and right now, don't have the time to fully debug, positive is working fine.

Technical Details: I am using MagpieRSS, Google Charts API and a free template I found. Everything else is custom coded: sentiment analysis, chart generation(generating data for Charts API) and data collection being the big ones.