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Project 2 - Update 1

Video Game Music is basically done.

The only thing missing is a header image to replace those silly looking coins.

Drupal Amazon Store module was a lot more painful than I expected. I had to:

  • hack around the default sorting
  • edit a lot of CSS to make it align properly (#edit-submit {margin-top:20px;} in amazon_store.css if anyone is having trouble)
  • hack the item processing because the thumbnails linked to the bigger picture for some reason instead of the item (amazon_store_search_results.tpl.php on line 54 change the print value to url("amazon_store/item/{$result->ASIN}"); instead of $result->LargeImage->URL;)
  • finally changing titles on pages from Amazon Store and Amazon Cart to something else in amazon_store.module (its in function amazon_store_menu()).

It was all done with about 4 hours of work though, not bad, it would be MUCH faster a second time around and having the code fixes already done. I didn't play with CCK at all, creating a whole customized catalogue is probably possible.

One interesting thing I did come up with was seeding the popular searches with real data. I went through my amazon affiliates account and grabbed a sample of data and saw what CDs/Brands were the most popular buys from the previous store when it was working.

Top Brand Sales:

  1. Zelda - 18 Sales
  2. Final Fantasy - 17 Sales
  3. Halo - 8 Sales
  4. Castlevania - 7 Sales
  5. Chrono Trigger - 3 Sales

That about wraps this up, I will get a header done later this week!