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Project 1 - - Update 2

Logo is being designed at LogoNerds.

I searched around at a lot of options, I didn't want to troll the forums for someone because that's not really scalable. So I looked at companies. I used Logo Design Creation in the past but I found LogoNerds cheaper (27$ vs 39$) and it gives me 1 more concept (3 vs 2). The only downside is a potential for up to 2 more days in turnaround time (3 days vs 3-5 days).

Another interesting option if I wanted something more professional rather than a quick affiliate site I found was pre-made logos from Biz Logo. You pick a shape/design you like, browse the categories for something. Some really nice looking stuff in there and since it's pre-made, you're buying something you can see what you're getting.

All of my links still aren't approved with the affiliates. I am waiting on ZoneAlarm through LinkShare.

As far as marketing goes, for now, his will be a low traffic/long tail play. I may look into syndicating some RSS feeds after getting some good primary articles for keywords in there.