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Project 1 - - Ad Blocking Software Comparison

I want to start with something simple to warm up. This fits within my comfort level quite well because I have built many comparison sites before, for example:


  • Technical:

Drupal 6 with CCK+Views

This gives me the flexibility to create my own content types like 'Ad Blocker' which could consist of: Title, Description, Link, Operating System, Browser, Price, License, etc (That's my list of fields so far, but CCK allows me to change any time).

Views should let me display/sort the data any way I want.

I think standard grid should be fine, I may use Contemplate if I have to stylize the output for any reason.

Other Modules I will probably use: token, pathauto, disqus, more later.

  • Monetization:

The obvious two are ads and affiliates. Generally, it's a high paying niche for spyware/anti virus type stuff.
Some google keyword bids (exact match):

Ad Blocking	        $1.71
ad blocker	        $4.28
ad blocking software	$6.77
pop up blocker	        $6.26

  • Content:

I am familiar with some options (I use Ad Block Plus), but I am sure there are many out there.

So, I will try and use Q&A sites to help me find the popular stuff to augment my normal research.
I posted questions to Quora and Reddit seeking help from the community's wisdom.

I think that about sums up my thoughts right now, I will build it and see what changes.