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Project 2 - - E-Commerce Store using Amazon Affiliates

Video Game Music used to be a developed site using the Amazon API. I was using a script called Associate-o-Matic. It wasn't open source (encoded) and wasn't particularly friendly on the backend. My license ran out and Amazon changed the way their API works.

Long story short, the site has been broken for a while.

I want to get it functional again on something open source that I have a lot more control over.


  • Technical:

Drupal 6 with Amazon+Amazon Store

I may use CCK and Views again, not sure. I will probably use a youtube module of some sort. Need to see how well the Amazon store works and what sort of content I can include around it.

Standard other modules will probably be used again like Token, Pathauto, etc.

  • Monetization:

Getting commission from music sales.

  • Content:

Amazon's API has all the data there. I am thinking about linking to some popular game music sites and embedding some video game music related youtube videos.

  • Marketing:

The domain gets type in traffic and has a steady flow of visitors each day. It also used to rank well on Google (first page) for 'video game music'. A few extra links, including the keywords properly on the front and unique content should push it back I think.

That's the plan :)